Bank Robbery Risk Management Level I
Organizations are in today’s business society faced with an increasing number of crises
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Organizations are in today’s business society faced with an increasing number of crises. 
The knowledge about how to manage a crisis has become an important tool for competitive advantage. The question is no longer if or when an organization will experience a crisis, but rather in what form and how prepared it is when a crisis actually occurs.
Seminar:  Crisis Management in Bank Robbery Level 1


It is necessary that all officials of a banking institute qualify to obtain the practical theoretical knowledge that ensures a better performance of their functions and for their own safety, within the context of their organization, in such a way that a crisis does not cause major damage, provides an agile service to the public, clients in general and a prompt recovery in favor of the organization.

General Objective:

Raise awareness among the officials about the various ways that a robbery crisis occurs, the behavior of the victims and how to react to various situations to minimize the impact of the circumstances and other risks.


1.  Robbery and their causes

  • Various robberies
  • Bank robberies

2.  Stages of a robbery

  • Before a robbery
  • During a robbery
  • After a robbery

3.  Characteristics of a robbery

  • Execution
  • The effects

4.  Preventative work

  • Security personnel
  • Officials in general
  • Police and others

5.  Development of a crisis

  • Behaviors and positions
  • Description of people, weapons and vehicles
  • Security equipment and systems
  • Officials in general
  • Aid of victims

7.  Management of the scene of the crime

  • Protection of evidence
  • Forms and descriptions
  • Support of the judicial police, administrative police and bank security
  • Internal work of the officials of security, management and audits
  • General security of the place

8.  Closed theater

  • Field practice on specific situation
  • Application of the procedures
  • Application of the forms
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