Combat Shooting Level I
This Combat Shooting Course is a typical special advanced training that was developed for special forces of the police and army.
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Seminar Contact with Weapon  – Fire at Short and Medium Distances
Combat Shooting I


  1. Basic theory on confrontations and methods of evaluating danger
  2. Security measures in dangerous areas
  3. Shooting techniques at short and medium distances
  4. Concealment and displacement tactics using shelter areas during confrontations
  5. Technique on drawing weapon and first defensive shot
  6. Speed shooting against several objects
  7. Technique on changing magazines during confrontations
  8. Tactical scenarios using stationary and moving objects
  9. Technique on solving the problem of pigeonholing

Total duration of the course: 5 hours

* 100 ammunition required for each participant

Total price of the course: $120 per person

Includes the rental of the covered Polígono

5 scenarios will be used

6 pepper popper targets, 6 special figure targets

Combat Shooting Level I
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