Risk Management Security Internal Audit
Are you up to date with your company’s security policy and security awareness?
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Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments of a banking institution’s or organization’s physical security as well as its financial and data security access and systems, determine its level of exposure to attacks and or intrusions from unauthorized criminals or personnel.

Security internal audits are an essential risk assessment of how effectively a security policy is being implemented.

Are you up to date with your company’s security policy and security awareness?

As your security consultant we will analysis your risk assessment with internal audits identifying gaps within security systems and procedures.
Based on this study, important conclusions can be reached that, in turn, constitute the starting point and the foundation for a set of recommendations.
Security measures are of no value if they are not enforced. We work with clients to establish a balanced and efficient security policy with which clients will be confident and comfortable. Audits of your data security and physical security can also highlight anomalies in internal investigations where there is suspicion of illegal or dishonest behavior.

Internal audit reports can be used not only for potential litigation or legal proceedings, but also for internal controls to alleviate future problems.

A G.E.E.S Risk Management Security Internal Audit is thorough and straightforward; you will get instant feedback on what is currently working and what has room for improvement.

The recommendations of the audit will allow your organization or bank institute to make the appropriate changes to maintain the quality of security at the required level.

Once the security audit is complete, we recommend developing a Strategic Security Plan to implement the recommendations of the audit. The Strategic Security Plan must be the governing document of all the politics and activities of the security at the strategic, or superior level. It should be prepared for periods of no less than two years, preferably four. In any case, the period in which the Strategic Plan is prepared should correspond with the periods of strategic planning that uses the objective.

The Strategic Security Plan addresses the solution to problems in four areas:

  1. Physical security device
  2. Technical and electronic security
  3. General safety training
  4. Anthropogenic and natural security crises

Depending on the objective, the Strategic Security Plan in turn can be divided into phases for the period.

As specialized security consultants, we devote ourselves to the work at all the stages and phases mentioned in the methodology, ie: we perform the audit, prepare the Strategic Security Plan. We also train in security matters at all levels involved in the Strategic Plan.

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