VIP / Dignitary Protection Training Course
Special Training for the Selected Individuals Only
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General Objective:


Raise awareness among officials about the various forms in which abduction occurs: the behavior of the victims and how to react in various situations to minimize the impact, the consequences and other risks.


The course contains the following topics:

1.  Cause of attack

2. Stages of an attack

3.  Five basic elements of an attack

4.  Choke points

5.  Responsibilities of the agents

6.  Plan of reaction

7.  Ambushes

8.  Sabotage

9.  Formations of ambushes

10.  Selection of weapons

11.  Explosives

12.  Types of poisons

13.  Command position

14.  The relation between the V.I.P. and their environment

15.  Protection of the V.I.P. at home and at work

16.  Protection in foreign territory

17.  Organization and teamwork

18.  Formations on foot

19.  Protection circles

20.  Perimeter of protection in public places

21.  The tactic of custody (on foot and vehicle)

22.  Intelligence and counterintelligence

23.  Reaction of the agents in an attack

24.  Formation of parades or caravans

25.  Responsibilities of caravan agents

26.  Formation of protection rings on arrivals and departures

27.  Group of tactical support

28.  Operational concept of GAT

29.  Equipment and requirements

30.  Tactic of operational displacement

31.  Principles of terrorist attacks

32.  Description of people 50 hours

33.  Body language 6 hours

34.  Psychological preparation

35.  Physical preparation

36.  Body to Body combat 36 hours

37.  Weapons and means of defense

38.  The methods of preparation and techniques of shot

39.  Confrontation with firearms (tactic)

40.   Covering and coverage in a firefight

41.  Defense against a surprise attack

42.  Drawing a weapon and first strategic shot

43.  “Combat Shooting” level III and VI 46 hours

44.  The basic methods of first aid specifically for bodyguards 8 hours

45.  Criminal psychology 4 hours

VIP / Dignitary Protection Training Course

Duration of course 150 hours for 17 days.  

From 8:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday.

Includes: breakfast and coffee in the afternoon, facilities and the Shooting Ranch completely equipped with special and moving targets , pines shirts and certificates of the National League of Bodyguards.

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