Detection Of Bugging Devices
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A detailed scan of the offices within the institution is performed using a detector specialized in locating sound waves used by audio transmitters or recorders that are potentially installed in a certain office.  The equipment is developed by the national security groups of European countries.

These verification devices are used by various companies to counter industrial espionage, prevent information theft, and cross-check client data during a business negotiation, among many other purposes.


General information about electronic scanning:

  1. The total number of hours depends on the area to be scanned.
  2. High confidentiality is required.
  3. Strict coordination is required so that it is not detected by other officials which is the work of the specialist.
  4. The cost will depend upon the distance of the premises from San Jose and also the size of the room. For example the scanning of a standard size office located in San Jose is $300.00.


Our Services Include:
Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures, EECM, Electronic Eavesdropping Detection, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, De-Bugging Sweeps, Bug Sweeps, Bug Sweeping, Wiretap Detection, Computer Forensics, Corporate Espionage, Detecting Covert Surveillance Devices, Electronic Countermeasure, Counter Surveillance Specialist.


When contacting us please mention the size and location of your premises.

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