Asset Search Investigation
We will establish the value or any liabilities associated with the asset.
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Do I need an Asset Search Investigation?

Do you wish to locate assets or confirm that a certain asset belongs to the party in question? We are confident we can get you what you are looking for and necessary proof to establish any claim.

If you are in a position where someone owes you money, or in a business transaction where you may be owed money soon, we can help you find assets with an asset search and ensure that the borrowing party has the ability to pay you in full. Asset search investigations take place regularly to help individuals and companies as part of their business due diligence compliance, collecting of debts, employee hiring and verifying financial statements in a divorce case or collection of unpaid child support.

What is involved in an Asset Search Investigation?

Asset search investigations involve a search of public records to locate personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity. They will establish the value or any liabilities associated with the asset.


How does an Asset Search Investigation work?

There is no a standard procedure for an asset search investigation. Dependent upon each case an investigation can piece together information from the following: a basic background check, a computer investigation, surveillance work and a financial business background check to determine how likely you are to recover your money in a court case.

An asset search investigator will uncover whether a person or entity is using a fictitious name, is hiding assets, has court judgments against them, or has a record of fraud. Having this information to hand will furnish you with the facts required to do everyday business and also help you in court.

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