Arthur Mitinian T. grew up in the Soviet Union in a military family, so he naturally followed his father’s footsteps to join the Soviet Army. He graduated prestigious Baku Higher Combined Arms Command School with honors in 1985. His specialty was security and clandestine operations.

He was an active-duty officer from 1985 – 1993 of the Soviet Army, taking part in most major armed conflicts USSR was involved in (officially or not) at that time, including the Afghan War and multiple armed conflicts before and after break up of the Soviet Union. He completed his service in the rank of Captain with multiple decorations, including Order of the Red Star and Medal “For Courage”.

For the last 25+ years, he traveled extensively throughout the Americas, where he has been a consultant and instructor for many private and government organizations, such as state and private banks, police departments and corporations. He is based in Costa Rica, where he is very well connected and is an expert in navigating the business, cultural and legal environment. He also has worked in several countries in Central America, as well as in the USA.

His extensive training in the military and beyond makes him an expert in several areas such as:

  • Executive protection
  • Investigations of any kind
  • Security planning for any situations
  • Counterintelligence and Strategic Security Analysis
  • Combat shooting – he is an expert marksman with multiple awards for best shooting
  • Knife combat and protection
  • Hand to hand combat, special forces style
  • Extensive survival skills in the desert and tropical terrain

Arthur is proficient in the following languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Georgian, Armenian.

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