Arthur Mitiniani T.

Arthur Mitinian T. grew up in the Soviet Union in a military family, so he naturally followed his father’s footsteps to join the Soviet Army. He graduated prestigious Baku Higher Combined Arms Command School with honors in 1985. His specialty was security and clandestine operations. He was an active-duty officer from 1985 – 1993 of …

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Alexander Loterev

Our team specialist is invaluable when it comes to analyzing case specific details that relate to medical emergencies and sensitive analyses pertaining to causes of death, illness and poisoning. Served as Head Medic and as Captain of medical team aboard battle cruisers of the U.S.S.R army fleets. Languages include: Russian, Spanish, English.

Manuel Mora S.

Tactical adviser. Accessory in protection and prevention analyses and developer of client and situation specific security systems and protocol. Extensive security experience and an official graduate of military sciences in the “Vuistriel” Military Academy of Moscow. Completed postgraduate studies in “military and security strategies” under the direction and supervision of General Fiodor Ivanovich Fedorenko. Organized …

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Said Raouf Bakkar

Jordanian citizen, gemologist and jewelry designer with a degree in business administration. With 14 years of experience in the design and manufacture of handcrafted jewelry.

Alla Berkovich

Criminology at the RSUH Institute for Economics, Management and Law (2002). 12 years active experience with law enforcement for Russian Federation homicide department. Samara, St Petersburg and Moscow.

Maria Jose Alvarez

Psychologist | MSc. Systemic Psychology / Mediators and Conciliators certification / Meta Coach NLP Degree in Psychology, with a specialty MSc. in Systemic Psychology, collegiate and certified in RAC (alternative conflict resolution) from the Professional College of Psychologists of Costa Rica, Certified by Meta Coach Training Systems (International Society of Neuro-Semantics). Qualified for the evaluation …

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KC James

KC James

Expert in defensive tactics, KC James is a certified Military / Law enforcement Krav Maga Instructor, with history in JKD and Kick boxing. Military training includes Military Police, quick reaction to terrorist threats, and psychological operations. After training with Arthur Mitiniani in Costa Rica, KC James incorporated GEES training under the direction of Arthur Mitiniani …

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